Since the firm’s inception in 1970, STM has closely followed industry leaders and has established long-term relationships with potential candidates. Our work includes executive-level searches, including Board of Director positions, CEOs, COOs, and EVPs, as well as general management, technical, and administrative positions.


  • Board of Director
  • Chairman
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Legal Counsel
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Executive, Senior Vice President, Vice President (all functional areas)
  • Business Development
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Exploration
  • Finance / Accounting / Treasurer / Controller / Tax
  • General Manager
  • Geology
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Investor Relations
  • Land
  • Legal
  • Maintenance Manager / Superintendent
  • Market Research
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Materials Handling / Transportation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Mine Manager / Superintendent
  • Mining Engineering
  • Operations Manager
  • Plant Manager / Superintendent
  • Process Engineering
  • Process Manager / Superintendent
  • Procurement / Purchasing
  • Project Engineering and Construction
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Shared Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Trading
  • Training / Organizational Effectiveness
  • Warehousing / Inventory

Candidate  Selection

STM has a reputation of effectively completing searches for over 40 years. Our successful history gives us the credibility and contacts to recruit high-caliber candidates who may be unwilling to speak openly with other firms or who may not be actively seeking employment. STM’s high level of personalized service includes one of the company’s principals personally directing each search through the following process:

  • Guiding and directing the research team
  • Making recruiting calls
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Preparing in-depth candidate interview evaluations
  • Coordinating all candidate/client interaction
  • Completing thorough reference checks
  • Bringing the search to a successful conclusion

Search Process

Step 1 - Position Profile

The position profile is the product of an in-depth information exchange between the client and STM. This document, which serves as the basis of STM’s recruitment efforts, incorporates a description of the client organization, reporting relationships, specific duties and responsibilities, as well as the educational criteria, professional experience, skills and abilities, and personal attributes necessary for success in the position.

Step 2 - Research and Analysis

STM specialists consult key contacts within the client industry, multiple databases, extensive industry files, and current publications. Research can range from a worldwide focus to a specific, geographically defined area or industry segment.

STM maintains an extensive database that contains the most current information on market conditions, personnel changes, and candidate qualifications. STM also utilizes a library of industry periodicals, directories, membership to the latest electronic retrieval systems, and other literature to keep abreast of current activities and track emerging industry trends. Incorporating the most recent marketplace developments in the search process allows STM to provide proactive consulting and search services as well as address ever-changing industry requirements.

Step 3 - Recruitment

STM professionals contact industry leaders and potential candidates to discuss the specific position and find the most qualified and highly recommended individuals. Potential candidates and their individual abilities are evaluated by STM for compatibility based on client criteria outlined in the position profile.

Step 4 - Interview

Resumes and pertinent information of the most qualified candidates are submitted to the client. STM discusses each individual with the client, then conducts in-depth interviews with the client’s top candidates. STM prepares an evaluation on each individual based on the position requirements. This narrows the candidate field, providing the client with a list of individuals who have the greatest potential for success. STM arranges and coordinates travel schedules for the client interviews with final candidates.

Step 5 - Reference Checks

STM conducts extensive, position-specific reference checks for final candidates designed to provide objective information. Many clients use information from this phase to identify and develop management strategies for the new hire.

Step 6 - Offer Negotiation

When the final candidate has been selected, STM assists the client in negotiating and extending an offer.

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